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How can I get rid of rat burrows around my house? - Pests Jun 19, 2019 1968 Tunnel Rats (2008) - IMDb Directed by Uwe Boll. With Michael Paré, Wilson Bethel, Mitch Eakins, Erik Eidem. During the Vietnam War [1959-1975] a special US combat unit is sent out to hunt and kill the Viet Cong soldiers in a man-to-man combat in the endless tunnels underneath the jungle of Vietnam. Suicide squads of a special kind. Tunnel Rats: Soldiers Who Braved Enemy Tunnels In The Jan 02, 2019

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Tunnel rat | Military Wiki | Fandom An infantryman is lowered into a tunnel during "Operation Oregon", 1967 The tunnel rats were American, Australian and New Zealand soldiers who performed underground search and destroy missions during the Vietnam War. Later, similar teams were used by the Soviet Army during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Tunnel Rats | Charlie Company Vietnam 1966-1972 Jul 11, 2012 These were the terrifying dangers of being a 'Tunnel Rat Jun 13, 2017