Find out how to clear HSTS settings from the popular web browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Now, click on the button: I accept the risk! and enter the Advanced settings menu. Now, search for the hsts from the search bar.

Restoring Advanced Settings in Firefox Restoring Advanced Settings in Firefox Page 3 of 3 Last modified 10/09/2014 13:09:00 3. Under the Application Basics select Open Containing Folder Please Note: A window with your profile files will open. 4. Close all Firefox windows 5. Find and delete the prefs.js file If you find a prefs.js.moztmp file or a user.js file, delete these as well 6. How to Navigate FIDO U2F in Firefox Quantum Nov 30, 2017 How to Reset Print Settings in Firefox - Solve Your Tech

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Jun 26, 2015 How to Turn Off / On Pop-ups in Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge Apr 28, 2016

How to Clear HSTS Settings on Chrome, Firefox and IE Browsers?

User settings updates: gHacks/pyllyukko base is kept up to date. Settings protection: important settings are enforced/locked within mozilla.cfg and policies.json, those settings cannot be changed by addons/updates/Firefox or unwanted/accidental manipulation; To change those settings you can easily do it by editing mozilla.cfg and policies.json. Configure Firefox Easily, without About:Config | Mar 05, 2016 Google Meet Grid View – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox Jun 17, 2020