IP address hacked through Xbox live..Please help

Where's the ip address on a xbox 360 - Answers no you cant unless you mod it with a computer or laptop and then you are at risk of your ip address and xbox 360 being baned Can you use the same ip address for your Xbox 360 and for your computer How to Find Your Xbox One IP Address - Lifewire Nov 10, 2019 IP address needs removing from X Box - Microsoft Community

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You can make a static IP address, but don't do it on the 360 itself like all the guides will tell you to do. Instead, reserve the IP address in the router's settings. If your router doesn't support that, then that's all the more reason to not make a static IP address on the Xbox itself, because the router won't handle that well and it may end

The local IP address of your Xbox One could be set up in two ways: it can be static or dynamic. A dynamic IP address changes each time you restart your console or router.If you made settings that rely on the IP address to stay the same (for example port forwarding), they would no longer work because the IP address has changed. A static IP does not change. Xbox 360 can't obtain ip address from router or modem Jan 30, 2010 Solved: Can't Obtain IP Address For Xbox 360 | Tech Nov 12, 2010 xbox 360 cant connect to network, didnt obtain an ip