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Using Blockless DNS now, is is their VPN service any good? As the title says, I currently use Blockless for their DNS service but I want a VPN service now, which they do also offer. I was curious what the communities opinion is on it since I know next to nothing about VPN or the difference between the various providers. Links in Outlook are prefixed with BLOCKED Jan 24, 2019 1x4 PLC Fiber Splitter, Mini module, 900μm, SC/APC with Con

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1x8 PLC Blockless Fiber Splitter Outdoor Distribution Box

Located in Canada, Blockless SmartDNS is a company aiming at providing a solution to those who seek to unblock geographically restricted channels. Although it does not offer pure VPN solutions too, it does provide a SmartVPN alternative when you are on the go.

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