Developed in partnership with CIRA, this interactive quiz is designed to increase students’ knowledge of the cyber security risks they face every day. Start Cyber Security Quiz The quiz is a companion activity to the Cyber Security Consumer Tip Sheets and lesson plan.

Jun 27, 2020 · question social engineering answer In a practice called ____, someone may manipulate people into performing actions or divulging confidential information on the Internet. question something you have answer An item such as a smart card is an example of the ____ form of authentication. question updates answer All of the following are examples of malware […] The internet is a great source of information but some of it is incorrect, out of date or biased. Always check multiple sources, ie other websites or written material, to confirm what you’ve Take this quiz! True or False: spam is a type of cybercrime What are "evil twins"? True or False: There is a type of virus that enters a network to view scout out its weaknesses. What is "salami shaving"? Which is NOT one of the ways you can protect yourself against cyberscams? What is "Pharming"? True or False: there are laws against students and employees being monitored by their teachers Cybersecurity Essentials v1.1 Chapter 1 Quiz Answers 1. Thwarting cyber criminals includes which of the following? (Choose two.) establishing early warning systems* changing operating systems hiring hackers shutting down the network sharing cyber Intelligence information*

Mar 06, 2019 · Take our security savvy quiz to see if you’re in the know when it comes to the digital world and how and use BT Parental Controls to keep your children safe when they are using the internet.

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