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Saving e-texts (either as screenshots or text files) will allow you to produce the source for a reader, even if the document has disappeared from the server on which you found it. In addition, it's also wise to use many different types of documents-books and journals, as well as e-texts-rather than relying heavily on one kind of source. Computer Fundamentals - Internet Services Tutorial - Types Jan 31, 2017 4 Dangers of the Internet - WebMD

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Types of Internet Connections: How to Choose the Right One Types of Internet Connections. Now let’s dive into the main types of internet connections. There are four to look at and we’ll also dive into their respective pros and cons. DSL. Digital Subscriber Line is the most common form of wired internet connection. It uses the same line as your telephone to transmit data. Your access to the internet What is internet and types of internet - IT Release Types of the internet:-Dialup connection: It is an old way of connecting to the internet. Dialup connection uses a phone line and is very slow. You can either make a call on the phone or connect to the internet. The connection time is high in dialup connection. The internet speed is also very slow. Types of Internet Connections- Wireless, Dial-up, DSL