Jul 28, 2014 · The EFF's Panopticlick tool determines how easy you are to identify based on your web browser's 'fingerprint'.

How Unique Is Your Web Browser's Fingerprint? - gHacks 2010-2-1 · The EFF has created a script on a website that computes how unique and trackable a web browser is. The script calculates a uniqueness score based on the data that the web browser reveals during connections. Tests with Google Chrome 5, Opera 10.5 pre-alpha, Internet Explorer 8 and Mozilla Firefox 3.6 revealed that all four web browsers contained EFF Launches Panopticlick 2.0 - Slashdot 2 interesting things about panopticlick: first, they report on browser fingerprinting, which is notoriously hard to defeat. second, they encourage users to allow ads from websites that purport to respect Do Not Track. there's no way to know if they actually respect it, and companies like google and facebook have been bald face liars in saying they respect it when they actually don't.

Web Tracking And Current Countermeasures

Panopticlick: EFF studiert Browserspuren im Internet Browsereigenschaften können Benutzer eindeutig identifizieren. Die Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) untersucht, inwieweit eine Person Panopticlick: EFF's tool for telling you how unique your 2010-1-27 · EFF has produced a tool called "Panopticlick" that tests how unique your browser is, and they're using the results from it to further their… / Cory Doctorow / 12:40 pm Wed Jan 27, 2010

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