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Understanding Hash Functions & What Role Do Hashes Llay in Hashing is simply the practice of using an algorithm to map data of any length to a fixed-length output. It’s useful in a number of ways and plays a role in several different types of encryption. We’ve designed this article to help explain what hashing is and how it interacts with the encryption process. SHA-256 is not a secure password hashing algorithm Feb 08, 2016 What is SHA or Secure Hash Algorithm? Sep 23, 2014

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Difference Between SHA and MD5 | Difference Between Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) and Message Digest (MD5) are the standard cryptographic hash functions to provide data security for multimedia authentication. Cryptographic hashes play a fundamental role in modern cryptosystems. So it is important to understand the basic mechanism behind these algorithms and the issues involved in choosing a particular hashing algorithm. What Is Cryptographic Hash? [a Beginner’s Guide]

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MD5 Algorithm | Know Working And Uses Of MD5 Algorithm Moreover, it is quite slow then the optimized SHA algorithm.SHA is much secure than MD5 algorithm and moreover, it can be implemented in existing technology with exceeding rates, unlike MD5. Nowadays new hashing algorithms are coming up in the market keeping in mind higher security of data like SHA256 (which generates 256 bits signature of a text). Proof-of-Work Hash Functions - Practical Cryptography for Blockchain proof-of-work mining algorithms use a special class of hash functions which are computational-intensive and memory-intensive.These hash functions are designed to consume a lot of computational resources and a lot of memory and to be very hard to be implemented in a hardware devices (such as FPGA integrated circuits or ASIC miners). Such hash functions are known as "ASIC … security - explained - salted password hashing - Code Examples