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Piracy is not just a concern for software publishers; it also affects consumers and the economy as a whole. Both the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) and the Business Software Alliance (BSA) estimate that up to 40 percent of installed business software worldwide, and 23 percent in the U.S., is illegally copied.

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situation for 12 different economies (Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Chinese Taipei and the United Kingdom)3. The analysis indicates that the economies examined appear to have mechanisms in place to combat counterfeiting and piracy and that, in most cases, those mecha nisms meet The IIPA says Canada’s lax laws have made the country a have for makers of bootlegged movies, software and microchips – known as mod chips – that are used to bypass anti-piracy technology Jan 02, 2015 · Internet lawyer Allen Mendelsohn appears on CTV's Canada AM on Friday, Jan. 2, 2015. Related Stories New Year, new laws: Everything you need to know about this year's big bills May 09, 2007 · But with piracy laws more relaxed in Canada, bootleggers can operate there almost risk free. (R-Texas), who sponsored the 2005 law against movie piracy in the United States, have written to When Canada enacted its “notice-and-notice” system to combat unauthorized downloading, many of Hollywood’s biggest copyright holders argued the new law wasn’t strong enough to stop piracy. Oct 15, 2011 · Book piracy is nothing new. In the mid 500s, so the story goes, St. Columba copied by hand a manuscript St. Finnian had lent to him.The king was invited to call on the legality of the act; his judgement, "To every cow belongs her calf, to every book belongs its copy," would certainly please publishers (and dairy farmers) today.